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Wedding Monogram Coasters with Custom Initials

Monograms are very popular these days. There is something unique for everyone. Add to your wedding with our custom monogram coasters. A functional yet appealing wedding favor for all your guests. They are a great way to showcase and match your wedding theme with something memorable and stylish. Discover the collection of custom paper coasters and make them a delightful addition to your wedding.

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60pt Monogram Coasters | Personalize Your Initials

$0.28 - $2.62

60pt Monogram Coasters | Personalized Drink Coasters

$0.28 - $2.62

60pt Monogram Coasters with Customized Wedding Initials

$0.28 - $2.62

Custom 60pt Monogram Coasters | Personalized Favors

$0.28 - $2.62

Custom Monogram Coasters | A Memorable Keepsake

$0.28 - $2.62

Custom Monogram Coasters | Design Unique Wedding Decor

$0.28 - $2.62

Custom Monogram Coasters | Elegant & Personalized Favor

$0.28 - $2.62

Custom Monogram Coasters | Personalize Your Design Online

$0.28 - $2.62

Custom Monogram Coasters | Personalize Your Love Initials

$0.28 - $2.62

Custom Monogram Coasters | Personalize Your Own Favor

$0.28 - $2.62

Custom Monogram Coasters | Personalized Touch For Every Sip

$0.28 - $2.62

Custom Monogram Coasters For Special Wedding Favors

$0.28 - $2.62

Custom Printed Monogram Coasters with Personalized Initials

$0.28 - $2.62

Customized Monogram Coasters | Elevate Your Wedding Table

$0.28 - $2.62

Customized Monogram Coasters For Elegant Table Decor

$0.28 - $2.62

Customized Monogram Coasters For Your Special Occasion

$0.28 - $2.62

Personalized Monogram Coasters | Your Perfect Wedding Favor

Celebrate your love story with our meticulously crafted monogram coasters, designed to uniquely reflect your personality on your special day. Tailored to flawlessly complement your wedding theme, these coasters serve as elegant table adornments and cherished keepsakes for your guests. Elevate their experience with a meaningful wedding coasters, embodying the perfect blend of style and sentimentality, leaving an enduring impression on your unforgettable celebration. Explore the perfect blend of style and sentimentality for your celebration.

Paper v/s Pulpboard


Paper coasters are an economical choice as they are generally printed on a single side.


Paper coasters are an ideal choice for one time use or a short term event, such as a promotional event.


Paper coasters are produced from a material that is only water resistant.

Monogram Paper vs Pulp

Pulpboard is comparatively more expensive as they are generally printed on both sides.


Pulpboard has a longer lifespan and can also be reused, these can be used at a restaurant, hotels, etc.


Pulpboard are water absorbent and are also thicker comparatively.

Why Choose Our Custom Monogram Coasters?

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Range of Options

We fulfil all kind of coaster requirements. Whether you need it for a one time event or looking for something more long term, we offer the best custom drink coasters that will be an effective and efficient choice as per your need.

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Updates Every Step of the Way

We understand the importance of getting your product to you safe and being informed throughout the process makes the whole process transperant and safe for you as well. We do that with our free digital proof after you place your order and we keep you updated through the production stages, shipping, and till it delivers to you.

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Customize Anything & Everything

We design absolutely anything you need. Simply send us your artwork and we will get it done. Although, an artwork with copyrights can only be produced if you have the copyrights for it.

Order in 5 Steps!

We have a very simple process of ordering: To start with, (1) Choose the product you like, (2) Select the quantity, (3) Select the coaster size, (4) Upload your artwork and choose the print position and no. of imprints. (5) Add it to cart and proceed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can certainly design your own coasters. Be it brand logo or a text, we will help you customize any of your designs on our custom paper coasters.

We do offer sample products to our customers, you can simply get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will help you out.

Yes, we offer free digital proof to all our customers. As we do not charge any setup cost, we would also recommend our customers request a digital proof after placing their order.

If your order total is equal to or exceeds $199, you will receive free shipping.

Once you approve your digital proof, we might take 5-7 business days for production and then accordingly ship your order, now for express shipping, it takes 2-6 business days, for standard shipping, it takes 6-9 business days, and for economy shipping, it takes 9-15 business days.

We do allow our customers to cancel their order, only in case we have not started with the production.

You can choose any of your favorite coaster shapes in one order and still enjoy the wholesale prices.

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